With over 10 years experience in the industry ERENER Body&Design makes all light commercial vehicles bodyworks and interior designs in 3500 sqm closed area. We make interior and exterior design of all light commercial vehicles. Our company is meeting the custom design vehicle demands of both individual and corporate clients. The staff is highly experienced in their areas. Our company follows and presents the latest trends of the world's automotive industry with its creative approach, from design to projection and from production to assembling stages. It maintains, the quality and credibility every passing day by client portfolio.

Our company is GIC certificated in accordance to ISO 9001:2015. ERENER also has EC VEHICLE TYPE- APPROVAL CERTIFICATES for 5000kg -5500kg from VCA.

Modern business life of today is pushing our boundaries of time and location. You can add value to your time, run your business online.

The aim of our company, without compromising the quality of his designs, materials and workmanship, to provide our customers the highest level of service.

Vehicle design, contemporary and modern design that is based on the principles of our company, the only address for comfort,quality and trust.

Our company specializes on producing automatic door, stair, pool luggage ,rear/side luggage, luggage covers, side skirts and other accessories. All products have unique designs and they all produced in its own factory .The front door step and the back of the pool luggage have been made by fiber. Vehicle types studied generally; Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter,Renault Master, Citroen, Peugeot.

Shelf-stage turbine design that can be used with NEON lighting,color of night lights and leds aisle lighting provides an excellent atmosphere for night journeys.

High quality fabric roof, seats and side-wall coverings,luxurious and comfortable to use, designed for our seats, ergonomic features and color options are offered with your preferences. Air conditioning and heating system using the well-known brands, all seasons and whether conditions, the ideal temperature distribution while the passenger cabin, low noise does not bother with the passengers. During the journey, the CD player and LCD screens, high image and sound quality offers a unique cinema experience.


Determined by adopting the concept of total quality in the light of the targets, provide products and services to satisfy customer expectations and our identity sample firm in the industry.


• The purpose of the existence of the company and see it as the foundation of the customer satisfaction.

• The quality perception of the company and each activity, ensuring the establishment of each unit.

• Lives to the principles of the line of commercial business by continuing to maintain our reputation.

• To aim at building long-term and stable relations with customers and suppliers.


Customer satisfaction ,

Quality material and workmanship,

Keeping our promises,

Relationships with well-founded,

To be an example for the firms in the sector.