A huge team, passionate to work!

Our business; to reinterpret the interior and exterior designs of light commercial vehicles in line with elegance and functionality in line with the business areas and demands of our customers.

We carry out all modified operations of our vehicles at Erener facilities of 5,000 square meters. In our production facility in Bursa; we serve to design convenient, comfortable and safe vehicles that meet customer demands.

What makes us different; we have a professional team that skillfully transfers their experience to the business in the design and production stages. In line with the same goal, our team is committed to an endless energy and perfectionist approach; Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Chassis, Mercedes Atego and Iveco vehicles, such as powerful, extraordinary looks and brand new functions.

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Comfort and Satisfaction

Design, manufacture and installation; our business forms from these three fundamental terms. However, our professional success; At the beginning of the process, we determine how accurately we interpret the demands we receive from our customers. All the redesigned vehicles respond to customer expectations at the highest level with additional functions; During the journey, the driver and passenger always put comfort and safety at the forefront.

Qualified Production

Every vehicle separated from our facility with a completely different view; means hard work sweat shedded for days. In order for this labor to serve for many years and to always maintain the comfort of the first day; we never compromise our high material quality, state-of-the-art technological equipment and qualified work force.

Happiness of Working
with Dedication

Each line from our designer’s pen to comfort; or every screw that stretches from the hands of our installer to safety. Our experienced employees who take charge in all stages of our business approach each new vehicle designed with dedication and meticulousness; For flawless safety and maximum comfort, they spend an intensive time.

Innovative Approach
Continuous R & D

Two main elements that highlight our work are; technology and art. Both are open to innovation and development. This makes it inevitable for us to continuously develop ourselves in both areas and to invest in qualified production. We closely follow the developments in our sector in the global area and constantly update the technologies we use in our production facilities. To achieve better with innovative design and production approaches; We attach great importance to R & D activities.

Fascinating Design

Our vision and style; our original design agreement turns into a fascinating reality in the hands of our competent team.

We are working with great passion to bring this fascinating transformation to every customer with the same satisfaction.

Global Vision
Sustainable Quality

Erener is ISO 9001: 2015 certified. In addition to our Domestic Vehicle Type Approval Certificates; Erener also has overseas Vehicle Type Approval Certificate (2007/46 EC VEHICLE TYPE- APPROVAL CERTIFICATE) for Mercedes Sprinter Van / Chassis, Mercedes Atego / Iveco Daily Chassis and all vehicles produced.


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