MERCEDES Grande Efes

All journeys begin with a story. Wherever the destination is, the travel experience gives people a brand-new point of view.
Grande Efes, inspired by the solid structure and relaxing impact of Ephesus Ruins, is designed to make every part of the world feel at home with its spacious interior, unique driving pleasure and accessories full of comfort.

Grande Efes has been designed for a pleasant journey with its wide side-back luggage volume and superior endurance arising from its material quality.

• High and large internal hall create an enviroment to move relax and present everything for the best VIP performance (Grande Efes is larger and higher than panelvans),
• Best raw materials is the guarantee for safe and VIP experience,
• Best view of sky and stars through glass ceiling,
• High volume baggage on sides and back,
• Electrical rear baggage cover,

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