Revolution T (Tourism)

REVOLUTION, a revolutionary design that push the limits with the large internal volume produced from Iveco chassis.
Besides its comfortable expansive feature Revolution-T that also has a fascinating visual design that draws attention on the road, has a special position in the category of tourist vehicles. Thanks to the ergonomic seats and high-quality air conditioning, lighting, sound systems, it transforms touristic journeys into a distinct pleasure.

Revolution, with its wide luggage compartment, details equipped with modern technology and matchless comfort, offers the same unique experience to its guests in all road conditions.

• The best VIP performance with a high ceiling creating a comfortable atmosphere
• Reliable and comfortable VIP experience with top quality raw materials,
• The best view of the sky and stars with the glass roof,
• Wide baggage compartment
• 2 doors on the right side
• Automatic rear luggage cover


The perfect harmony of aesthetics and ergonomics

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