Efes, with interior and exterior equipment designed by Erener experience, doubles driving-pleasure while offering a real pleasure to have a rest for passengers with the perfect comfort provided by the most exclusive materials.
It takes away all the negative effects from the rest of your day by offering safety, comfort and performance. It provides a unique travel experience.

Passing the usual driving experience with its ergonomic design and modern technological equipment support, Efes offers comfort and convenience together.

With its wide passenger seats and functional additions designed for different needs, Efes always is the host of resting travels.

With its aesthetic lines and ease of driving, Efes significantly increases the quality of the time spent on the road, considering both mental and physical comfort.

• Best raw materials is the guarantee for safe and VIP experience,
• Best view of sky and stars through glass ceiling,
• High volume baggage on sides and back,
• Electrical rear baggage cover,


Get ready for a unique travel experience.

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